1:57am fueled by coffee and feeling like this.

Well here we are just another night to sleep through apart Under skies away where I know you’re nursing a toothache, well There is tugging as I pull on the edges of this blanket in search of comfort On the dreams that make rope bridges between your morning and my nighttime On my heartstrings, go on think me a dreamer Me waxing lyrical like that, when medical anatomy taught me that hearts are made out of muscle Blood running through valves colouring gossamer threads of tangled scarlet Pumping like a song with a steady beat Cells and neurons in sync with the breaths I inhale with the words I exhale But baby, hush baby if you only just knew So many things in there just for you A million sparks you ignite, intangible unexplainable things Things that I save up all day to tell you in the minutes we steal when we can And then lose completely in a single untethered paper boat that Floats away with the mention of my name when you say it When you say it.

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