While You Wait

my star, by Amahl Ashraf

Pick a song from that mixed CD I gave you, two summers ago.
Think about soft kisses tracing your collarbone
Where I once stole a glance
on tiptoe,
droplets pooling in the little hollow
of your neck.
That hot hot day
we took a packed train together.
(Because you are so much taller than me)

Play that song on
Think about soap bubbles that I shall blow
oh from you, back to you.

And late night telephone conversations
Of tales you’ll tell me
from Nothing to Everything
and all the Things in Between.
Like lost pet hamsters;

Like the perfection that is sleeping in
on a cold rainy morning,
How I would wake up smiling.
Because your voice was the last thing I heard
every night.

So listen again,
and again.
And then…
should that song end,
think of One Day,
Some Day


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8 Responses to While You Wait

  1. hadoken says:


  2. The Sister says:

    oh hey i changed my email and i get a different monster! wait i want to see which one is cooler.
    btw along, i’m glad you’re happy. really i am.

  3. maddie says:

    okay firstly, I was feeling the music. so sue me.

    secondly, you two should talk! hmmph. I swear if there’s anything going on and I’m not the first to know heads will roll.

    ps: I’d go with the three eyed yellow one.

  4. lubna says:


    Carcrashes by Standfast.

    Cuba try. ;)

  5. maddie says:

    Thank youuu! I haven’t had the time to dig up anything new so I’m grateful for this :)

  6. John K. says:

    That’s my song.

  7. maddie says:

    Omg, this is such an honor!
    Thank you for dropping by :)
    I love your songs!!!

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